About the event

About the event

ADI: International Art Exhibitions.
The idea of holding an international exhibition "Art and Dolls" in Amsterdam appeared a few years ago. Svetlana Pchelnikova - suggest herself as a sponsor and manager in the organization of the project.

The project where doll artists from around the world can show wonderful artistic dolls in an exhibition space. So the organization ADI emerged. Main goal of ADI is developing the artistic doll art in Russia and the Netherlands.
Director of the Russian department - Svetlana Pchelnikova and director of the Dutch branch - Yuliana Taranova.
Some years we were looking for reliable partners and a unique place where the artistic dolls would fit best into architecture and interior of the building. Finally, came the happy day. Unique church in Amsterdam (Zuiderkerk) opened its doors for the artists.




The composition of the organizers in Russia and Netherlands

IMG_1850President of the Russian Doll Collectors' Club

The publisher of magazines “World of Dolls” and “Talent”, the organizer of the charity project “Star Dolls Parade”

President of NP “International Author Doll Association”

Svetlana Pchelnikova

President of the Russian Doll Collectors' Club

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Dutch and Belgian Institute of Doll Artists

Юлианаco-organizer Art&Doll International

Director of school "Portrait studio"

Yuliana Taranova

co-organizer Art&Doll International

Team of DABIDA

Team of DABIDA

DABIDA was founded in 2006 by a small group of Dutch Doll Artists.
The Founder of Dabida was Hannie Sarris Hulstein
Hannie Sarris passed away in 2010. Without Hannie there would have been no DABIDA.
She was one of the founders and the first president of DABIDA.
Her craftsmanship, her pursuit of beauty and perfection and her dedication to doll art will always inspire us.
DABIDA counts today 23 members.


DABIDA member since 2011

Board member since 2012

President since 2015

Caroline van Stiphout

Co-founder, boardmember finance and website.

Astrid Mulder

Boardmember and secretary since 2011

DABIDA member since 2013

Francisca Markus

Co-founder, board member and Public Relations

Saskia Hoeboer

Our Sponsors

Our Sponsors

We invite sponsors to collaborate

Our partners

Our partners

Our information partners
http://dollsarea.ru/ Русская мысль tv.m24.ru babiki.ru/

Media about us

Media about us

Publications about our events and projects

Our actions

Our actions

And for the third year, the creative team of the Salon invites citizens and guests of Moscow to the Spring Ball of Art Dolls. This event already became as significant as the Salon itself.

International Doll Salon

International Doll Salon is held in Moscow for over 10 years. Each season has an unique program, but it is always a majestic fairy tale for visitors of any age.

House of artistic dolls began its work with the international exhibition "Discover the world of artistic dolls", where it was presented about 150 dolls from all over the world. One of the aims of Art Doll House is to popularize artistic dolls in Estonia. Estonian House of artistic dolls is a museum, exhibition space and workshops.

The Estonian Art Doll House

The Estonian Art Doll House opened in 2010 in "Mauritius House", the oldest building in Tallinn.

It is a non-profit organization that brings together artists who create artistic dolls, professionals and amateurs. The association represents the organization of joint projects, participation in fairs, and exchange of experiences and improve personal skills for interesting dialogue and establish effective partnerships.

The International Society of Authors doll artists MOAK

The International Society of Authors doll artists MOAK