Upcoming event

Upcoming event

The International exhibition “Art and Dolls” 14-15 April 2018

International Exhibition "Art and Dolls" 2018

On April 14 and 15, 2018, an exhibition of the International Author's Doll will take place at the Dansmakers studio in the Amsterdam-Nord area.

More than 30 artists from Russia, Ukraine, Latvia and the Netherlands will bring their new work to Amsterdam..

Visitors will be able to see more than 120 author dolls made in different techniques. It will be presented works of clay, plastic, stone and porcelain.

Organizers remind - the author's doll is not a children's toy, it's a high art!

The theme of the exhibition this time is "Make a wish."

Artists and organizers want to draw attention to sick children in the Netherlands and in Eastern Europe. Proceeds from the event will be fully transferred to the charitable foundation "Make a wish."

Among the participants are Mikhail Zaykov from Russia and Tine Kamerbeek from the Netherlands.

Michael Zaykov was educated sculptor in 2009 in the Kuban State University. While studying, he worked in the puppet theater, where he started his love for dolls. In 2013 Zajkov first participated in an exhibition in Moscow, and his work immediately attracted international attention.

Tine Kamerbeek is one of the most famous doll authors in the Netherlands, as well as her creativity is well known in America and Japan. Tine Kamerbeek creates magic dolls that carry their view into the fairy-tale world.

The exhibition will be attended by: Elena Timkaeva, Alisa Filippova, Nel Groothedde, Yvonne Flipse, Sisters Popova, Irina Cherepanova, Esther Verschoor and duet of Kardenchiki.

Location: Dansmakers Studio

Time: April 14 and 15 from 10.30 - 17.30

Ticket price: 10 euros


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Important information about our projects

Our upcoming exhibition plans


We are pleased to announce our upcoming exhibition plans!



14 and 15 April 2018



VI international exhibition ART of Dolls “NukuKunst”

11 – 13 may 2018

Estonia. Tallinn Song festival grounds.


XIV international Salon of Dolls

5 -7 October 2018


Moscow, Tishinskaya sq., 1



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Where to stay in Amsterdam

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The exhibition "Art and Dolls" is open to participants from around the world but there are not so many places anymore. Please so soon is possible send us a notification. We also expect photos of your work for publication on the website and in our social networks.
The notification in free form you can send to our organizer Svetlana Pchelnikova.
Her mail-address is: pchela2008@mail.ru
Rent of a table: 200.- Euro




We present you the members of our second exhibition in 2018
  • Yvonne Flipse

  • Jessica de Geus

  • Irina Panyushkina

  • Lara Ellegord

  • Lyudmila Postarnakova

  • Anna Fantinel


  • Eva de May


  • Michael Zaykov

    Russia, Krasnodar

    IMG_0962 IMG_7654

  • Tine Kamerbeek

    The Netherlands, Amsterdam

    Tine Kamerbeek - The Netherlands_1

  • Svetlana Pchelnikova

    Russia, Moscow – Estonia, Tallinn

    Svetlana Pchelnikova - Russia_1

  • Nel Groothedde

    The Netherlands, Zierikzee

    Nel Groothedde - The Netherlands_1

  • Nadezhda Tsyganovskaya

    Belarus, Minsk

    Nadezhda Tsyganovskaya - Belarus_2

  • Irina Cherepanova

    Russia, Severodvinsk

    Irina Cherepanova - Russia_2

  • Elena Timkaeva

    Russia, Moscow

    Elena Timkaeva - Russia_2

  • Yuliana Taranova

    The Netherlands, Amsterdam


Exhibition Address

Exhibition Address

The exhibition "Art and Dolls" will take place in new location

Dansmakers Amsterdam is an international dance production house with studio spaces and its own stage based in an old fabric hall in Amsterdam North.

For more information visit here

Roadmap here




We will be glad to answer all your questions

Project director ADI in Moscow
Svetlana Pchelnikova
+7 (925) 776 63 15
+3 (725) 628 63 15
E-mail: pchela2008@mail.ru

Project director ADI in Amsterdam
Yuliana Taranova
E-mail: taranovart@gmail.com