Upcoming event

Upcoming event

Dear visitors and artists!
ART DOLL International presents her first international exhibition "Art and Dolls" in Amsterdam.
Date: 8-9 April 2017.
Organizers will gather doll artists from around the world on one platform.

The exhibition "II Art and Dolls" will take place in the heart of Amsterdam in the Zuiderkerk.

We invite artists to take part of our exhibition.
We would also like to help with the formulation of a visa and accommodation.


For now the next actions:

"Art of Dolls on Tishinka 2016" exhibition on 4-8.03, 2017

V International ART of Dolls "NukuKunst" Estonia exhibition. - Tallinn, Singing field. 12-14 May, 2017

There is still for the start:



Important information about our projects

Michail Zaykov – 9 and 10 April on ADI

Read more


Exhibition Address

Exhibition Address:
Zuiderkerkhof 72, 1011 WB Amsterdam, Netherlands

Ticket price:
Adults € 10
CJP and Stadspas € 8
Children 6 t / m 16 years € 5
Children 0/5 years free Read more


Where to stay in Amsterdam

Dear friends!

Here is a list of hotels near the exhibition:
1) Hotel Beursstraat 
1012 JT Amsterdam
phone +31(0)20 62 63 701
One room for two people costs about 70 euro in a night


Foto report

Beautiful pictures from Alexandra Procherk from International Doll Salon in Moscow in 2015, can found here



The exhibition "Art and Dolls: 10 years DABIDA" is open to participants from across the world. But we do not have too much space and the number of participants is limited. Please send us as soon as possible to your application form and photos of your dolls. The photos will be posted on our web-site and in social networks.

APPLICATION FOR PARTICIPATION 2st ART&DOLL International Fair 8-9 April 2017. The cost of renting the table – 200 euro. Applications are accepted by mail pchela2008@mail.ru

Guests of the event

Guests of the event

Special guests DABIDA
  • Mariska Mielen the Netherlands

    Mariska Mielen

    The Netherlands / Winners of the Hannie Sarris award

    Mariska Mielen the Netherlands

  • Yuliana-Taranova-Kamerbeek---The-Netherlands

    Yuliana Taranova

    The Netherlands, Amsterdam


  • Victoria Chichinadze - Ukraine

    Victoria Chichinadze

    Ukraine, Kiev / Winners of the Hannie Sarris award

    Victoria Chichinadze - Ukraine_1

  • Patrizia Cozzo - Perugia

    Patrizia Cozzo

    Perugia, Italy

    Patrizia Cozzo - Perugia_1

  • Natali Iunina - Germany

    Natali Iunina

    Germany, Bielefeld

    Natali Iunina - Germany_1

  • Marijke Eken - The Netherlands

    Marijke Eken

    The Netherlands, Nijmegen

    Marijke Eken - The Netherlands_1

  • Katya and Lena Popovy- Russia

    Katya and Lena Popovy

    Russia, Perm

    Katya and Lena Popovy- Russia_1

  • Elisa Gallea - Italy

    Elisa Gallea

    Italy, Palermo

    Elisa Gallea - Italy_1

  • Elisa Finoglio - Italy

    Elisa Fenoglio

    Italy, Torino

    Elisa Finoglio - Italy_1

  • An Brzoskowski - The Netherlands

    An Brzoskowski

    The Netherlands, Noord-Brabant, Bakel

    An Brzoskowski - The Netherlands_2

  • Alessandra Nicolin - Italia

    Alessandra Nicolin

    Italia, Vicenza

    Alessandra Nicolin - Italia_2



We present you the members of our second exhibition
  • 14925283_1248861225178177_3659366440749569141_n

    Olga Manoshkina


  • PICT0410

    Tatiana Gombas


  • apoteka-68



  • DN0p35VN9mE

    Anastasiya Igumnova


  • 3gOcO5PzOEY

    Alekhina Elena


  • ин1

    Anna Terehova


  • IMG_9286

    Eva de May


  • Rabbit_2_2

    Alina Koldun


  • Лариса Вронская_1

    Larisa Vronskaya

    Лариса Вронская_1

  • cof

    Agne Mikalauskiene



  • DSCF5832

    Bea Abraham


  • 13092060_891907834265362_7162159159084247017_n



  • photo_1

    Esther Verschoor

    Esther Verschoor

  • 172

    Galat Nataliia

    Amsterdam, NL/ Kiev ,UA



  • Ca3 BRUYERE TB_1

    Nadine Leepinlausky



  • IMG_0962

    Michael Zaykov

    Russia, Krasnodar

    IMG_0962 IMG_7654

  • Sofia Gapontceva

    Sofia Gapontceva


    Sofia Gapontceva



    Serbia, Novi Sad


  • Laurence Ruet

    Laurence Ruet

    France, Dijon

    Laurence Ruet

  • filippova alisa

    Filippova Alisa


    filippova alisa

  • Dana Gur-zeev

    Dana Gur-zeev

    Israel, Raanana

    Dana Gur-zeev

  • Bappagai Khaarchaana

    Bappagai Khaarchaana


    Bappagai Khaarchaana

  • Viktoria Kostina

    Viktoria Kostina

    Czech Republic

    Viktoria Kostina

  • Vladlena - Latvia


    Latvia, Preili

    Vladlena - Latvia_2

  • Vika Perelman - Israel

    Vika Perelman

    Israel, Rishon LeZion

    Vika Perelman - Israel_2

  • Tony Nadtochiy - Russia

    Tony Nadtochiy

    Russia, Saint-Petersburg

    Tony Nadtochiy - Russia_2

  • Svetlana Gruzdova - Russia

    Svetlana Gruzdova

    Russia, Moscow

    Svetlana Gruzdova - Russia_2

  • Siu Ling Wang - Germany

    Siu Ling Wang

    Germany, Munich

    Siu Ling Wang - Germany_2

  • Sevtap Demir Yılmaz - Turkey

    Sevtap Demir Yılmaz

    Turkey, Ankara

     Sevtap Demir Yılmaz - Turkey_2

  • Rimma Nevskaja - Estonia

    Rimma Nevskaja

    Estonia Tallinn

    Rimma Nevskaja - Estonia

  • Oksana Sakharova - Russia

    Oksana Sakharova

    Russia, Kaliningrad

    Oksana Sakharova - Russia_2

  • Nelly - Russia


    Russia, Abinsk

    Nelly - Russia_2

  • Nadezhda Tsyganovskaya - Belarus

    Nadezhda Tsyganovskaya

    Belarus, Minsk

    Nadezhda Tsyganovskaya - Belarus_2

  • Marina Zimina - Ukraine

    Marina Zimina

    Ukraine, Kiev

    Marina Zimina - Ukraine_2

  • Marina Zhilina - The Nederland

    Marina Zhilina

    The Nederland, Roermond

    Marina Zhilina - The Nederland_2

  • Maria Volodina - Russia

    Maria Volodina

    Russia, Moscow

    Maria Volodina - Russia_2

  • Irina Goryunova - Russia

    Irina Goryunova

    Russia, Moscow

    Irina Goryunova - Russia_2

  • Irina Cherepanova - Russia

    Irina Cherepanova

    Russia, Severodvinsk

    Irina Cherepanova - Russia_2

  • Ingrid Winter - Germany

    Ingrid Winter

    Germany, Aachen

    Ingrid Winter - Germany_2

  • Hanna Goetz - Germany

    Hanna Goetz

    Germany, Altdorf

    Hanna Goetz - Germany_2

  • Galina Dmitruk - Belarus

    Galina Dmitruk

    Belarus, Minsk

    Galina Dmitruk - Belarus_2

  • Elena Timkaeva - Russia

    Elena Timkaeva

    Russia, Moscow

    Elena Timkaeva - Russia_2

  • Elena Fesler - Germany

    Elena Fesler

    Germany, Haren (Emsland)

    Elena Fesler - Germany_2

  • DORIMU - Ziva Voga & Sasa Rojak  - Austria

    DORIMU – Ziva Voga & Sasa Rojak

    Austria, Leibnitz

    DORIMU - Ziva Voga & Sasa Rojak  - Austria_2

  • Anya Anderson - USA

    Anya Anderson

    USA, Boise

    Anya Anderson - USA_2

  • Anna Potapova - Russia

    Anna Potapova

    Russia, Nizhny Novgorod

    Anna Potapova - Russia_2

  • Anna Kormilitsina - Russia

    Anna Kormilitsina

    Russia, Moscow

    Anna Kormilitsina - Russia_2

  • Anna Fadeeva - Russia

    Anna Fadeeva

    Russia, Nizhny Novgorod

    anitaAnna Fadeeva - Russia_2



The members of the board of DABIDA (Dutch and Belgian Institute of Doll Art)
  • Hennie Koffrie - The Netherlands

    Hennie Koffrie

    Nederland, Baarn

    Hennie Koffrie - The Netherlands_1

  • Yvonne Flipse - The Netherlands

    Yvonne Flipse

    The Netherlands, Krabbendijke

    Yvonne Flipse - The Netherlands_1

  • Willy van de Beek-Oldenhof - The Netherlands

    Willy van de Beek-Oldenhof

    The Netherlands, Heerde GLD
  • Tine Kamerbeek - The Netherlands

    Tine Kamerbeek

    The Netherlands, Amsterdam

    Tine Kamerbeek - The Netherlands_1

  • Svetlana Pchelnikova - Russia

    Svetlana Pchelnikova

    Russia, Moscow – Estonia, Tallinn

    Svetlana Pchelnikova - Russia_1

  • Saskia Hoeboer-Giesen - The Netherlands

    Saskia Hoeboer-Giesen

    The Netherlands, Nieuwerkerk a/d IJssel

    Saskia Hoeboer-Giesen - The Netherlands_1

  • Olly Copal - The Netherlands

    Olly Copal

    The Netherlands, Boxtel

    Olly Copal - The Netherlands_1

  • Nel Groothedde - The Netherlands

    Nel Groothedde

    The Netherlands, Zierikzee

    Nel Groothedde - The Netherlands_1

  • Marlaine Verhelst - The Netherlands

    Marlaine Verhelst

    The Netherlands, Tilburg

    Marlaine Verhelst - The Netherlands_1

  • Marijke van Ooijen - The Netherlands

    Marijke van Ooijen

    The Netherlands, Wateringen

    Marijke van Ooijen - The Netherlands_1

  • Marij Rahder - The Netherlands

    Marij Rahder

    The Netherlands, Vught

    Marij Rahder - The Netherlands_1

  • Lydia Dekker - The Netherlands

    Lydia Dekker

    The Netherlands, Nieuwegein

    Kim van de Wetering

    The Netherlands, Oud Beijerland

    Kim van de Wetering - The Netherlands_1

  • Francisca Markus - The Netherlands

    Francisca Markus

    The Netherlands, Nieuwerkerk

    Francisca Markus - The Netherlands_2

  • Erica Borghstijn-Prinse - The Netherlands

    Erica Borghstijn-Prinse

    The Netherlands, Vlissingen

    Erica Borghstijn-Prinse - The Netherlands_1

  • Caroline van Stiphout - The Netherlands

    Caroline van Stiphout

    The Netherlands, Asten

    Caroline van Stiphout - The Netherlands_1

  • Ana Salvador - The Netherlands

    Ana Salvador

    The Netherlands, Amsterdam

    Ana Salvador - The Netherlands_1

  • Amy and Bets van Boxel - The Netherlands

    Amy and Bets van Boxel

    The Netherlands, NB Waspik

    Amy and Bets van Boxel - The Netherlands_1

Exhibition Address

Exhibition Address

The exhibition "Art and Dolls" will take place in the heart of Amsterdam in the Zuiderkerk

The Zuiderkerk is used as a unique venue for events.

In the Zuiderkerk is enough space for participants to exhibit their work of art and can accomodate 600 visitors at a time.
For more information visit here

Dear guests and participants!
Close to the exhibition is a cozy hostel situated that can accomodate 100 people. If you want to stay there, click on the link
The second variant of accommodation here

church1 borrels-in-de-zuiderkerk-amsterdam zuiderkerk-amsterdam



We will be glad to answer all your questions

Project director ADI in Moscow
Svetlana Pchelnikova
+7 (925) 776 63 15
+3 (725) 628 63 15
E-mail: pchela2008@mail.ru

Project director ADI in Amsterdam
Yuliana Taranova
E-mail: taranovart@gmail.com